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OA 100th Anniversary

The Order of the Arrow is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2015, and we want you to join us as we commemorate this milestone! This page will serve as the on-line headquarters for the year-long celebration, and we're already getting started. Below are just a few of the many projects, contests and initiatives to come. Stay updated on additional exciting projects as we get closer to 2015!

Committee Leadership

Committee Chairman

 Nicholas Goldrosen

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Commmittee Adviser

 Ian Pinnavaia

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100th Anniversary - National Programs

The Order has a lot of programs in store this year as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary. Check out some of the exciting programs and opportunities below:


ArrowTourIn the summer of 2015, four delegations of youth Arrowmen will travel to council camps and Scouting events to bring our national centennial experience to Scouts, Arrowmen, and communities throughout the country. ArrowTour will provide opportunities to reflect, connect, and discover the Order's Centuries of Service, both past and future. The Order of the Arrow is excited to partner with councils to provide this program accessory at Boy Scout summer camps and Scouting events.

Learn more about future Arrowtour stops at arrowtour.oa-bsa.org

The Centurion Award

centurion award 350The Centurion Award aims to highlight "Hometown Heroes," or Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing and ongoing operational excellence of their local council's lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps. This award is a one-time recognition associated with the centennial anniversary of the OA that is bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee. This recognition is an opportunity to highlight lodge development over the last century and the many individuals, both youth and adult, who were instrumental to this success. These honorees will serve as exemplars of leadership, modeling to others a commitment to cheerful service as the Order of the Arrow enters its second century.

Read about the Kintecoying Lodge Centurion Award Recipients



100th Anniversary Directory

The Order is are producing a special publication — Centuries of Service, The 100th Anniversary Arrowmen Directory. The Directory will give us the opportunity to recognize this historic moment in our organization, and provide our members with a way to reconnect and reflect on their involvement in Scouting's National Honor Society.

You probably have received a postcard in the mail from the Order asking for your participation in this project.

Learn more about the 100th Anniversary Directory Here

Centennial Vigil Honor Card

Centennial Vigil Honor CardVigil Honor members have a unique opportunity to purchase a commemorative centennial Vigil card beginning July 1st, 2014 through December 31st, 2015, while supplies last. The cost of the card is $10. Don't miss out on this limited opportunity. All proceeds are going to the national OA endowment.

Order your Centennial Vigil Honor Card Here



Legacy Project 2015

The Legacy Project is a series of annual projects meant to have every lodge in the country participate in preserving our Order's 100 year history. Each lodge in the country will contribute:

  • Kintecoying's Legacy RockLodge Rock - 2012
    Our lodge will select a rock from our home council's territory or council camp that will be included as a permanent part of the Summit Circle, the Order of the Arrow's new ceremonial grounds at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.
    Update: Our rock has been submitted to national. It was found at Ten Mile River during the 2013 Section NE-2B Conclave. Thanks to Mark Messenger for coordinating the engraving and shipping!





  • Our Legacy LidLegacy Lid - 2013
    At NOAC 2012, our lodge received a crate. Our lodge will paint the inside of the crate's lid to represent our lodge and its legacy in the Order. Lids will be captured digitally and become part of the NOAC 2015 celebrations.
    Update: Our legacy lid has been completed and will be brought to NOAC 2015 by our conference contingent.





  • Lodge History Book - 2014
    historybookWe will research and write a lodge history book. Each submitted history book will be viewable through the digital archive of the Order of the Arrow and incorporated into the NOAC 2015 program. By creating a thorough history we will preserve our lodge's unique story, which will be enjoyed by Arrowmen in the Order's next century.
    Update: Our lodge history book has been completed and will be brought to NOAC 2015 by our conference contingent.

  • Centennial Fire - 2015
    The lodge crate itself will be filled with firewood from our local area and brought to NOAC 2015. The wood from each lodge will be burned in a ceremonial fire, with each lodge returning home with a vial of ash.
    Update: Wood from Ten Mile River has been acquired and will be brought to NOAC 2015 by our conference contingent.





 Special Edition Sash

100th Red SashArrowmen attending the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference will get a once in a lifetime souvenir, after a vote by the national committee at the annual planning meeting this past December. At the meeting, committee members approved a proposal to give each NOAC participant a special edition red sash.

These sashes will differ from those currently worn in that the colors will be reversed, with a white arrow emblazoned on a red sash. Unlike the black signature sashes sold at previous NOAC’s, these will have snaps and will be wearable by all. For the national conference, the commerative sash will be made in the current style and given out at a special program to be unveiled.

This souvenir sash will be worn for only a designated period of time, and should be viewed as a commemorative item. The rarity of the sash is noteworthy, as only those present at NOAC 2015 will receive them. Any extras produced will not be sold.

Interestingly, reversed color sashes have been made before. For the 1950 NOAC, national committee members wore Vigil bands of reversed colors so they could be easily found by lodge members that had questions about the Order being fully integrated into the Boy Scouts of America. For the 75th anniversary of the Order, Dr. Carl Marchetti, national chairman at the time, donned a red souvenir Vigil sash with a white arrow created for national committee members. These sashes had "75th anniversary" stitched into them above the top Brotherhood bar. In 1993, a full length black sash with snaps with a white arrow was created as a retirement gift by Dr. Marchetti for national committee members, and a hand written note was included with each sash. In celebration of 100 years of the Boy Scouts of America, Bob Mazucca, past Chief Scout Executive, had a red sash made with the 100th anniversary BSA logo for committee members as well.



Arrowman Service Award

Centennial Arrowman Service AwardArrowmen will be able to commemorate our order's centennial by working to complete the Arrowman Service Award. This award, which some are referring to as "the sash patch," will be recognized as one of the few patches that have ever been approved by the national Order of the Arrow committee to be worn on an OA sash.

The purpose of the Arrowman Service Award (ASA) is to encourage Arrowmen to recommit themselves to the ideals of the Order, increase their level of service to their local unit and council, and participate in the 100th anniversary celebration of the OA. The award will have three categories of criteria with various requirements that Arrowmen can complete. These include components on personal growth, service to Scouting, and participation in the centennial celebration.

Download the Arrowman Service Award Youth Requirement Cards

Download the Arrowman Service Award Adult Requirement Cards



Section NE-2B Centennial Involvement Award

Section NE-2BSection NE-2B is offering an award for those who get involved in the lodge and section programs during our centennial year.  Requirement forms can be downloaded directly from the Section NE-2B Dropbox. Completed forms can be sent to Lodge Adviser Mike O'Brien

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