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The Distinguished Service Award


The Distinguished Service Award was created in 1940 to honor those who rendered service to the Order beyond the lodge level. The award is presented to those Arrowmen, youth, adult or professional scouter, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. Since the time of the first awards given in 1940, approximately 800 Distinguished Service Awards have been presented. This alone is testament to its standard of excellence.

The first Distinguished Service Awards were then presented at Camp Twin Echo in Pennsylvania to E. Urner Goodman, Carroll A. Edson and nine others. Between 1940 and the first national Order of the Arrow conference in 1948, the DSA was presented at national meetings as deserving individuals were identified. Thereafter, the Award became a traditional part of the pageantry and ceremony of the national conference.

 The award is a sterling silver arrowhead, bearing an arrow pointing upward and to the wearer's right, suspended from a white neck-ribbon upon which are embroidered red arrows. A white square knot embroidered upon red cloth is also available.

- Taken from the Order of the Arrow Handbook





Kintecoying Lodge is honored to count a number of lodge members among the select few Arrowmen that have received the Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award.

Year Brother  City
2015  Colin R. Pinnavaia Brooklyn, NY
2006  Thomas S. Bain New York, NY
2004  Ian M. Pinnavaia Brooklyn, NY
2004  Kenneth E. Hood Staten Island, NY
1975  Noel K. Zakin White Plains, NY
1973  Michael Feigenbaum The Bronx, NY
1967  Harold W. "Hal" Cairney Highland Park, NY
1958  David M. Dunbar New York, NY
1956  William D. Campbell New York, NY
1954  Henry J. Henning New York, NY
1954  Phillip W. Robins New York, NY
1952  Charles M. Heistand New York, NY
1950  Wes H. Klusmann New York, NY
1946  Joseph A. Brunton, Jr. New York, NY
1942  Joseph H. Brinton Jamaica, NY
1942  Thomas J. Keane New York, NY
1942  Arthur A. Schuck New York, NY
1940  William A. Stumpp New York, NY
1940  Alfred C. Nichols, Jr. New York, NY
1940  Harvey A. Gordon New York, NY

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