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The Centurion Award

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For 100 years, the Order of the Arrow has purposefully recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. Therefore, our organization's centennial provides a unique opportunity to commemorate those among us who are exemplars of the "high ideals and purpose of the Order of the Arrow." The Centurion Award aims to highlight "Hometown Heroes," or Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing and ongoing operational excellence of their local council's lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps.

This award is a one-time recognition associated with the centennial anniversary of the OA that is bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee. It is modeled after a similar program in the BSA's 100th anniversary celebration, the 2010 National Hall of Leadership. Accordingly, this recognition is an opportunity to highlight lodge development over the last century and the many individuals, both youth and adult, who were instrumental to this success. These honorees will serve as exemplars of leadership, modeling to others a commitment to cheerful service as the Order of the Arrow enters its second century.

Nominees selected by the national Order of the Arrow committee will be provided with a certificate and recognition ribbon consisting of a red and white ribbon and a metallic totem symbolizing the centennial anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

Kintecoying Lodge is proud to recognize eight outstanding arrowmen with the Centurion Award.


Nicholas Goldrosen - Centurion Award  Nicholas Goldrosen - Youth
Nicholas has served both Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge and Kintecoying Lodge to the highest level of commitment since his induction in 2011. Serving as Kintecoying's first lodge chief, Nicholas lead our lodge through its first year of growth, encouraging other to look at new ways that our lodge could effectively deliver the OA program. He has a can do attitude and is self motivated to do the best he can personally do to contribute to the lodge's overall success. He should be considered as one of Kintecoying's most dedicated youth members and among those who have greatly contributed to Kintecoying Lodge's success in its early years.
Kevin Karlson  Kevin Karlson - Youth
Since joining the Order, Kevin has distinguished himself with an excellent record of service to Scouting in New York City. He works tirelessly to spread the message of the Order and promote Scout camping at Council and Lodge events. Kevin has always been willing to carry this burden, attending nearly every Chapter, Lodge, and Council function since joining the Order. He also provided encouragement and leadership during the formation of Kintecoying Lodge, helping his brothers to see the vision of a brighter future in a combined organization. Finally, Kevin has held several elected positions in the Chapter and Lodge while remaining active in his Troop.
Patrick Machado - Centurion Award  Patrick Machado - Youth
In Suanhacky Lodge, Patrick held the very important, but tedious job of being the publications chairman. Patrick was a member of the Ritual team. He helped to make a dysfunctional team functional. He plays in the ordeal and the brotherhood and is currently leading the ceremony team to learn the new brotherhood. Patrick has also been an integral part of Kintecoying Lodge. As lodge treasurer, Patrick helped to create a balanced budget for the first year along with creating chapter budgets for fellowship purposes. He was the May ordeal chairman for 2014 and coordinated all the responsibilities under him. He served as the Vice Chief of Inductions in 2014-2015 and as Lodge Chief in 2015 - 2016. He is always working hard with his chairman to plan amazing ordeals and ceremonies. Patrick is very important to the Order. He is involved with scouting from being a camp staff member to being in a troop, crew, and of course, the Order.
ca sommer  Andrew Sommer - Youth
Andrew has been an important part of Kintecoying's leadership team since our founding in 2013. As Vice Chief for Inductions and Lodge Chief, Andrew has worked to help our lodge develop sound induction practices and new traditions for our lodge to follow. Andrew is always thinking of innovative ways to deliver our program to our members and works to include other youth members in the decision making processes of our lodge. Andrew's leadership as Chief will positively effect Kintecoying Lodge for many years to come.
Thomas Bain - Centurion Award  Thomas Bain - Adult
Tom is a distinguished Arrowman and Scouter, having previously been honored with the Silver Beaver, Silver Antelope, OA Distinguished Service Award and Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. His honors aside, Tom's guidance of youth in Manhattan and NYC is to be commended. In his interactions with youth he doesn't simply tell them what should be done but rather coaches them effectively on topics as complex as budgeting or as simple as working with other youths and adults. Where many arrowman who have accomplished as much as Tom has in Scouting may take a step back, Tom continues to serve our local council and Lodge as the financial adviser of Kintecoying Lodge. Through the formation of Kintecoying Lodge, Tom was always a vocal advocate for the youth driving the decision with guidance from the adults across the City. Furthermore, Tom continues to provide career advice and guidance to the youth he advises as their careers begin after college. Whether it is providing internship opportunities or opening doors to fellow Scouters looking to begin their career, Tom is an inspiring mentor to countless arrowman across the city.
Dr. Eugene Berman - Centurion Award  Dr. Eugene Berman - Adult
Dr. Gene Berman has tirelessly given cheerful service to the local Scouting community, serving many units as so many capacities including as Scoutmaster several times. Gene has been to Ten Mile River Scout Camps continuously from the early 1960s to the present, except for a short period as he was giving his service to our country. Gene has served as the Chairman of the TMR Museum in the from its inception until to last year when he stepped down, but still serving as the Chairman Emeritus (Gene is still extremely active with the museum as well as acting as an advisor to the new chairman). As a member of the OA, Gene has been extremely active on the local chapter and Lodge levels. Gene has also served tirelessly on the council camping committee level, promoting TMR in almost every capacity imaginable. Many would agree that Gene has done it all and has been a credit to the OA and Scouting.
Fran Harty - Centurion Award  Fran Harty - Adult
Fran has been active since his youth in scouting. He has served as the Lodge Adviser and still remains active in the OA. He has been crucial in guiding boys in camping and camp promotions. He has helped guide several boys who became the youth leaders of the lodge. He has served as an inspiration to many members of the lodge, both youth and adult. He continues his love of camping and devotion to camp with his direction on the Centrum Silver crew at William H. Pouch Scout Camp and service to the Ten Mile River Scout Camps. He exemplifies the high ideals of the OA.
Colin Pinnavaia - Centurion Award  Colin Pinnavaia - Adult
On August 30, 2012 Colin was asked to take on the role of Lodge Adviser for the newest lodge in the OA while merging one of the oldest. He worked enthusiastically for eight months with the transition team to make the merger of five very different lodges go as seamlessly as possible. Proof of his commitment and hard work came April 13, 2013 with the success Day 1, the first event of the new lodge. Colin has remained the Lodge Adviser dedicated to the success of Kintecoying Lodge. Colin is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor Member, Founders' Award and OA Distinguished Service Award recipient. He served our Order as a youth in many capacities such as being a Lodge Chief and as a Section Chief. Colin's personal experience as a youth in the Order of the Arrow has significantly impacted the way he works with and advises the youth of Brooklyn, where he served as the Lodge Adviser of Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge and now New York City as the adviser of Kintecoying Lodge. He challenges our youth to find innovative ways to provide program, service and always doing so cheerfully.

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