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Lodge Officers and Advisers History

Lodge Officers

This roll bears the names of the young men who have dedicated themselves to serving our lodge in elected office.

Year  Lodge Chief
Netami Sakima
Lodge Vice Chief - Inductions
 Lodge Vice Chief - Administration
Lodge Secretary
Netami Lekhiket
Lodge Treasurer
Netami Mawachpo
2017-2018 Trevor Camacho Brian Byrne James Bisceglia Joseph Nadal  
2016-2017 Kirwin Seger Michael Sorensen Jude Walter

Brian Byrne

Trevor Camacho
2015-2016 Patrick Machado Timothy Sommer Christopher Fuentes-Padilla Jeremy Dueñas Trevor Camacho
2014-2015 Andrew Sommer Patrick Machado Kevin Karlson Stephen Duer Daniel Sommer
 2013-2014  Nicholas Goldrosen Andrew Sommer James Maxham  Kirwin Seger Patrick Machado


Lodge Advisers

This roll bears the names of those Brothers who have dedicated their time and energy, serving as the Lodge Adviser,  Associate Lodge Advisers, Financial Advisers, and Staff Advisers of Kintecoying Lodge.

Lodge Advisers
Witawematpanni Gegeyjumhet

 Years Lodge Adviser
2015-Present Michael O'Brien
2012-2015 Colin Pinnavaia

Associate Lodge Advisers

 Years Associate Lodge Adviser
2016-Present Aaron Cooper
2013-Present Sherrie DelBene-Giattino
2013-2015 Jim Shaughnessy

Lodge Financial Advisers

 Years Lodge Financial Adviser
2013-Present Thomas Bain

Staff Adviser
Nischeneyit Gegeyjumhet

 Years Staff Adviser
2014-Present Tom Pendelton
2013-2014 Chris Coscia

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